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Loft Boarding Solutions

Loft boarding solutions is our specialty. We can convert pretty much any usable loft in to a safe strong storage area.
We always start by installing a suitable sub-frame in wood or plastic and metal. This serves two purposes, one is to add strength and support for your existing ceiling and the other to add height to avoid removing or squashing the loft insulation. The loft panels are very strong tongue and groove particle board and we can board pretty much any size and area.

Luxury Loft Storage Rooms

You may want to use your loft space for hobby, study, home office or simply just so its clean, insulated and well lit. For that purpose we do luxury loft storage rooms. We include a raised & strengthened timber sub-frame (not fitted to directly your existing ceiling joists) with T & G floor boarding, stud wall work with double foil bubble insulation, plaster boarding (dry line filled, not skim plastered). lighting, optional smoke alarm, optional extractor air flow control fan, eaves loft storage access doors, safety bannister, wood loft hatch and loft step ladder.

Hobby Study Chill-out Home Office

You may want to use your loft space for hobby, study area or an office. For that purpose we do mini loft conversions. Not to be confused with a full loft conversion which is required for living purpose, bedrooms etc. This may require plans drawing up, planning permission and building control acceptance to conform with building regulations, fire, health and safety requirements.
All work must be carried out by an experienced loft conversion company which we do not do.
We include everything as listed in the section above.

Raised Storage Above Insulation

In every new build and most older builds will have a government recommended level of loft insulation, (around 270mm or more) This is laid out in two lots, one in between the ceiling joists and one across over the joists which will conceal the joists making it unsafe to walk about in your loft. For this purpose we use a unique system (a sub-frame) to raise the boarded area above the insulation to avoid having to remove it or squash it.
We can use a variable timber sub-frame which is a method of strengthening and raising at the same time and its self supporting not reliant on your ceiling joist or a LoftZone raised floor of 270mm for the modern houses with a trussed style roof and very tall insulation. Either way we will determine which is best for your loft when we carry out a survey.

Loft Hatch Enlarging / Replacing

No point having your loft boarded out for storage if you cant get yourself or your things up there. Its important to have the correct size hatch and to make sure it works by folding down not up!.
The hatch needs to be hinged and open down toward you so you can get your ladder which will be situated right above the hatch so a lift off hatch is no use for a modern fixed loft ladder. Also you can operate the whole thing using a reach pole from your landing area, no need for steps or other ladders.
We can enlarge, move or make a completely new hatch in a different room using a building regulations standard 726mm x 566mm white plastic slide draft seal loft hatch or an extra long wood hatch sprung door with wide tread wood 3 section fold out steps.

Loft Ladders (Metal or Wood)

We do many types of loft ladders available in metal or wood. The standard ladders are top branded and made of aluminium available in 2 or 3 sliding sections depending on the reach height and are operate by using a reach pole.
We also do aluminium concertina ladders or telescopic for lofts with very little ladder stowaway away space and also wood three section fold out wide tread steps attached to a extra long sprung assisted hatch door.

Balustrades & Hand Rails

Its always a good thing to make your loft as safe as possible by installing a handrail, grab rail or balustrade to surround the loft opening. We can construct a simple surrounding rail so no one accidentally falls down the hatch opening. You made also need a bit of assistance to get in your loft so we can install a grab bar or rail to help.

Remote Control Loft Hatches

We often get asked if we install automated loft hatches. We can install a remote control hatch and ladder system to make it easier to operate the door when needing to access your loft. The door has a safety feature to detect if something is trapped in the door when closing and has a battery backup system if you have a power cut or you lose your electric for some reason.
(The ladder does not fold out on this model).
We do fully automatic (The door and the ladder are remote controlled) and semi automatic (the hatch door is automatic but the ladder is manually operate)

Loft Lighting

Rather than struggling with a torch or using a dodgy light on a lead why not have a permanent mains light and switch fitted. We install pull cord switches with LED energy efficient bulbs as standard or optional fluorescent tubes.
Lighting these days is measured in lumens, not watts anymore, so simply the more lumens the brighter it is. A standard light bulb (originally 40w) is around 620 lumens has now been replaced with 6w LED for more energy efficiency lighting. We also still do 4ft (36w) traditional fluorescent tube gives of about 3300 lumens which is still pretty energy efficient for the amount of light it give out.