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Need more storage?
Gain extra storage by using your loft

Professionally installed raised loft storage floors
One of the few companies in the UK who build above your insulation
We never remove or squash your loft insulation to lay boards
British standard quality materials always used
We use the only BBA approved loft storage product in the UK
Building regulations approved system (part K and L)
Carbon trust supported raised loft floor products
Certified & Approved raised floor specialist installers
5 Year guarantee with all our work
Fully PLI ELI insured company
LCC Safe Trader Member (In association with Trading Standards)

Read this before you look elsewhere

We were one of the first loft boarding companies in the UK and the only Northwest company to gain certification and manufacturer approval from LoftZone and Nationwide Loft Storage.
We are one of the rare companies in the UK who actually create a BBA approved storage platform made from tri-supported stilts and metal beam raised sub-frame to allow maximum air flow in and around the insulation.
So NO removing or squashing of your loft insulation.
We are also the only company in the Northwest to build a proper strengthened timber self supported double sub-frame that is designed not to be supported b your existing ceiling joists and to be built above the insulation to allow maximum air flow in and around the insulation. This is perfect for older properties with weaker ceiling joists like Victorian terraced, semi or detached houses.
This system will not be laid directly to your ceiling joists, so no load on your ceiling that could cause damage to your ceiling plaster or joists, not the way we do it.
An the great thing is, it doesn't cost much more to have it done properly by professionals, in fact that's probably because we use the right amount of materials and time to do the job right in the first please.
Anyone can cut corners on materials, safety and quality to shave the price down and convince you its the same, it just isn't anywhere near the quality and strength the flooring systems we build.

Don't be fooled by cheap imitations

Laying boards directly on to the joists or compressing the insulation will cause damage, damp and mould issues and will reduce the efficiency of the insulation considerably.
This we have seen done by many so-called "loft boarding companies", damage to the ceiling from the weight of the wood never mind the storage items that's been put on them.
A ceiling in not meant to take anymore weight than what its already taking, your plaster board. Adding more weight without correctly fully strengthening and building a supporting sub-frame that will not bear weight to your ceiling joists is not the right way to do it.
Its simply DIY and why should you pay for a DIY job when you can easily afford a professional job.

As we always say, "anyone can board a loft but its how its boarded that really matters."

What We Do

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Not exactly what you want ?
Why not go bespoke ?

The above are only examples of the most popular loft boarding installation we do. Obviously they won't suit every ones requirements but for more of a guide to cost of that style of house.
We can offer bespoke made to measure loft boarding, choose your hatch, light, ladder type and the amount of boarding and most importantly the supporting sub-frame type.

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Quality Assured Products & Services

We only work to a high standard and do not compromise on materials to deliberately lower prices to compete with companies who fail to meet standards quality assurances. We pride ourselves on high quality and excellent workmanship by only employing approved and certified installers

All our installers are LoftZone certified and approved and fully trained in loft storage solutions. We are members of Lancashire County Council Trading Standards Safe Trader Scheme so you can be assured we are professional through and through having been vetted on every level.